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Parish Registration

Any new family who has moved into the parish and adult children 18 years of age or older, are invited to register at our parish after any Sunday Mass with a Priest or during the week at the Rectory Office. Also, please notify us if you move.


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults it the process by which adults (and children who have reached the age of reason) are prepared to receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist.


The common policy of marriage requires that arrangements with the Church be made at least ONE YEAR before the date of the marriage and before any social plans are made. Either the bride or groom must be a registered parishioner. Weddings may be scheduled for Friday afternoon or Saturday morning or afternoon only. Only wedding ceremonies are performed on Sundays.

Ministry to the Sick & Homebound

Please call the Parish Office regarding sick and shut ins.

Catholic Church of St. Ann/School



Week #59 $ 8,779.72
Envelopes Offering: $ 6,415.00
Online Offerings: $ 1,344.72
Loose Offerings: $ 1,020.00

Poor Box = $189.92



The Bishop's Visit to St. Ann's

Mass Schedule
:: Regular Daily Mass ::
Mon, Wed, Fri Tues & Thurs 7:00 am
7:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am
First Friday: 9:00 am
:: Regular Weekend Mass ::
Saturday:: 4:00 pm
Sunday:: 7:30 am
10:00 am
12:00 pm
5:00 pm

Saturday: 9:30am – 10:00am
3:00pm – 3:45pm
Contact Info:
Rectory Office Hours: Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Parish Office: [P] 908.725.1008
[F] 908.707.1915
Convent: [P] 908.725.2256
School: [P] 908-725-7787
Email: info@stannparish.com
  • Rev. John Rozembajgier
Permanent Deacons:
  • John Pacifico
  • Roy Rabinowitz
  • Rob Sause
  • Rick Stevens
  • Anna Louise Bongiovi
  • Thomas De Santis