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Mission Statement: Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we the Catholic Church Of Saint Ann, embrace all as a family and continue Christ’s Mission by exemplifying the love of God and neighbor as stewards of God’s gifts to us.

Rambling with Jim

Are you aware of Saint Ann’s Parish Council? Who we are and what we have done and what we are trying to accomplish for you the parish?

The council is composed of 17 members elected to serve for a 3 year term. The membership represents the parish as a whole. They bring concerns from other parishioners to the pastor; we also disseminate information. The Pastoral Council is an advisory council to the pastor. The pastor listens to the input of the council , however, he has the final say on all decisions.

The role of the councilors of the parish is to study, reflect, and recommend their conclusions to the pastor. We work off a well-planned agenda, which is, developed, monitored, and evaluated, with decisions made by consensus. We have a president,(Jim Fidacaro), vice-president, (Cathy Stevens) and a secretary Josie Taddeo.

We are very proud of our accomplishments to date: parish survey, music study, renews (This document, highlights the liturgical events of the parish and provides family involvements to practice those liturgical events), and the addition of 3 volunteer photographers, who are asked to cover events of the parish. These events can be seen on our parish web site. Projects that are pending: children’s liturgy, welcoming committee, parish directory, bulletin revision, update of face book and the web site. If one or more of these activities interest you or you would like more information for one of them please contact a member of the council. We would love to have you  work on one of these committees and/or contribute your ideas, time, and talent to help us fulfill these proposals .We also encourage anyone to attend our meetings, usually held on the third Tuesday of the month, and to submit your concerns and inquires  as well.

Respectfully submitted, James Fidacaro


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