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Festa - Thank you to our sponsors/donors and volunteers!

- Seventh Grade Poem "Changes of State"


Farewell 2015/2016

St. Ann School is proud to acclaim a devotion to excellence thanks in large part to our generous support and contributions from our alumni, parents, and families.  Our students and faculty are tremendously appreciative of your dedication and endowments through all of your support.


As we move forward into the new year, please consider the future success of our school through considerable donations.  Every small gift adds invaluable endorsement to the students and the faculty at large.  Please use the NetCharge button located above for any donations to St. Ann School. We are extremely grateful of any donation, as we strive to educate our students to the best of their abilities.


Thank you for your committed efforts to keep St. Ann School pushing forward towards a better future, as we continue to flourish this upcoming year and beyond.

Community Involvement

St. Ann School is committed to not only teaching the Catholic faith but to living it. We believe that our light must shine for all to see so that Christ can be known and loved. The school, therefore, participates in a variety of community related activities. Some of our involvement in local events includes:

  • Hosting an athletic league in our gym.
  • Sharing our spirit in celebrations such as the Sgt. John Basilone Parade in Raritan, or the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Somerville.
  • Hosting Boy and Girl Scout events.


St. Ann Eighth Grader Joey Gorky is off to college in Sept!

Yes, you heard right. Joey was accepted into the Somerville Academy of Liberal Arts program. He'll concurrently earn his high school diploma and an Associate’s degree from Raritan Valley community college.

Of course, he still needs to graduate from St. Ann's this week.

So proud of you Joey!



The School of St. Ann

"Enter & Learn, Leave & Serve."

St. Ann School is a Catholic Elementary School founded in Raritan, New Jersey. Co-educational from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8, St. Ann School is under the general supervision of the Metuchen Diocesan Superintendent of Schools. Locally it is under the direction of the Pastor of St. Ann Parish and the community of the Religious Teachers Filippini, whose Motherhouse is in Morristown, New Jersey.

The goal of our Religious and Lay Faculty, as dedicated educators, is to create a Catholic Christian environment. We believe that "Catholic schools which realize the threefold purpose of Christian education, to teach doctrine, to build community, and to serve, are the most effective means available to the Church for the education of children and young people."
We, the Administration, Faculty and Staff of St. Ann School believe that our primary mission as Catholic Educators is to nurture in our school family a personal relationship with our Triune God. In partnership with the Parents, we are committed to developing the spiritual, academic, social, physical and cultural dimensions of all students, enabling them to live responsibly and creatively in a global environment.

    Therefore, we are called to:
  • See each child as a continuation of God's creation
  • Create an atmosphere of prayer within the school
  • Commit ourselves to academic excellence
  • Celebrate the potential of each child to develop physically and learn social graces
  • Provide each child with an educational environment that embraces compassion and reverence for all people
  • Give witness by our lives that God is the Lord of our lives.
St Ann Ground Breaking Ceromony
The single most important goal of St. Ann School is to develop the whole child – spiritually, academically, physically, socially and culturally – in order for the child to have an appreciation of God, self and society. The school has a religious purpose and an academic purpose that are two aspects of a single environment based in Roman Catholic Tradition.

St. Ann School is a community of learning committed to the teachings of Jesus. Our teachers strive to develop the children's spiritual life through an intimate relationship between God and our students in all aspects of their lives.
We build on the foundation of morals and values begun at home. The tenets of our faith are not simply taught; they become a reality to be lived as we serve God and one another.

Left: Family Fun Night ––– Right: 100 Day Celebration
The academic purpose of our school is achieved through a well-rounded curriculum. The priority of St. Ann School is placed on basic skills achieved through multi-faceted programs of traditional teaching methods integrated with technology, higher level thinking skills and problem solving techniques. Furthermore, each student is looked upon as a unique individual with strengths to be recognized and developed.

Our school instills pride and respect for each child's physical and human nature. We emphasize the belief that God dwells within us. Therefore, we raise a conscious awareness of each child's physical needs through reinforcement of proper health habits: proper nourishment, cleanliness, exercise and appropriate time to relax and rest.

Since man lives in community, children need to be instilled with positive patterns of social behavior. The students are made aware of their social responsibilities to themselves and to others, not only through pre-existent values, but also through the example of the adults who present these values to them.

A supportive, positive attitude is encouraged in student relationships. Our students are taught to accept, understand and respect the differences in the various cultures present in our school and in our world. They also participate in programs that enhance their appreciation of the music and the visual art of the different cultures.

The Saint Ann School Community takes pride in its family spirit. Professional educators work cooperatively to affirm each other through mutual respect. There is also a rapport between teacher and student which goes beyond the academic. Priests, principal, teachers and parents support each other with an openness that focuses on communications and the awareness of each other's responsibility: a happy, educated and functional child.

At Saint Ann School, we incorporate the philosophy of the Catholic Church into our school. Faith, knowledge, love and respect are the foundation of the child and the school.
Principal Corner

. "Raritan school principal sets good reading example" 

Sister Mary Klersey was featured on the front page of the Courier News, Monday, July 7, 2014.


"Catholic school principal is practicing what she is preaching as a Super Summer Reader."


Dear Friends of St. Ann School,


One of the benefits of summer vacation is time to read and reflect.  I had the pleasure of delving into Pope Francis Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris LaetitiaThe Joy of Love on Love in the Family.  I have been interested in this particular publication because we minister to and with families and because we call ourselves a school family.  I encourage all of you to get a copy and read the Holy Father’s words and wisdom.  Pope Francis is extremely readable.


In terms of our parish family and its school children, I was struck by the idea that we need to really look at and see each other – literally.  So many of the antics of our children and even of the adults around us are simply a cry to be seen, to be looked at and acknowledged.  It is not necessarily praise that the Holy Father is encouraging.  He quotes some of the common phrases we as members of family hear.  “If only someone saw me” or to rephrase a popular commercial, “Can you see me now?”  I find myself walking the hallways and teasing the children with “I must have lost so much weight that I am invisible.”  That is my reminder to them that they need to “see me” and acknowledge me with a “hello” or “good morning”.


Along these same lines, essential phrases heard often among Catholic family members go beyond greetings and include “please,” “thank you,” and “I am sorry”.  In fostering the Catholic identity of our school, I spend time revisiting these concepts with the faculty and staff prior to the start of school.  It is not just that we demand respect from the students, but that we respect them and model the loving virtues that will help them to be the adults God wants them to be.


With that in mind, I want to thank each of you for the welcoming atmosphere I experience in our parish.  I find that I am always “seen”.  I am greeted with smiles, nods of the head, and light conversation.  People call me by name and hold doors for me or hand me a bulletin.  I encourage you to do this with and for our children.


They need to be seen and noticed and even missed when they are not present.  A wink or little finger wave go a long way in terms of showing and teaching love to the next generation.  Allow the young person to put the kneeler up or down for you.  Remember to look them in the eye and say, thank you.   Catching them in their simply acts of kindness insures that the kindness will be extended again until it becomes a habit.

I look forward to seeing our children very soon.  As parents come more and more often to school these days to order supplies or pay a bill, I notice children speaking a bit loudly outside my door or silently standing in front of my desk waiting for me to notice them.  I see them with the biggest smile I can muster and extend whatever kind of affection they extend to me by offing a return hug, high five, or handshake.  Jesus is the reason for our school.  His love reigns supreme here to the extent that we love one another. 


As always, thank you for your support of our school.  In your support of her children, you support the future of our faith.


God bless you,


Sr. Mary Klersey, MPF

St. Ann School Principal